A Short Bursts On America As A Christian Nation

Around eighty percent of Americans profess to believe in God.

It is generally assumed that that number is an indicator that America is therefore a Christian nation.

However, what if just believing in God is not enough?

What if as Billy Graham says, some eighty percent of people who profess to believe in God aren’t really Christians?

Is there a way to know?

How about “…you will know them by their fruit…”?

Okay, what fruit would you say Christian Americans are spreading as we turn the page onto 2013?

Peace, patience and kindness or lying, cheating and stealing?

Which do you see?


4 thoughts on “A Short Bursts On America As A Christian Nation

  1. befuddled2

    Just a quick question – are the only ones who are patient and kind and honest Christians or can Muslims, Jews, Wiccans, Buddhists and Atheists also be patient, kind, and honest?

    1. historygeek6 Post author

      Those labels are mostly about arrogantly proclaiming to other humans what we ARE. Real faith revolves around looking at the oceans, and planets, and stars, etc. and acknowledging what we ARE NOT. It is those seemingly inanimate parts of creation are obeying God’s law. Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. (in other words tiny humans) are the only temporal creation that does not. My point is multiply the scale of how you’re viewing faith by a factor of several trillion.

  2. befuddled2

    Thanks for responding. My point was that even if the nation were totally fair, honest, and kind you wouldn’t know by that what religion it was since members of all religions and no religion can be and often are such people.

    1. historygeek6 Post author


      I liken religion to standing back 6 feet and describing what we see through a small hole in a picket fence. There’s very little room for arrogance because there’s a good chance we are wrong about what we think we see.


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