A Short Burst On Violence

Liberal Vs Conservative. Gun Control Vs 2nd Amendment. Black Vs White. Rich Vs Poor. Christian Vs Muslim.

We seem to have so many things that we are violently polarized about in this society.


Because we want the future to look “the way we want it to look”.

But, what if controlling the future is not supposed to be our domain, but God’s?

God gives us today.

But for the vast majority of us that’s not enough.

We want to guarantee that the future will go well for ourselves and our loved ones even after we’re gone.

But that is a form if idolatry.

Give yourself mind, body and soul to the people that God has placed in your path TODAY…with NO REGRETS whether tomorrow comes or not!


Because, loosely speaking, we are always one massive solar flare away from oblivion at all times anyway.

Whether we acknowledge it or not we are strictly at God’s mercy all day everyday anyway.

Control of even tomorrow is strictly an illusion.

Just Love!!!


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